Race Pace – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have doubts or questions on the gameplay a specific rule or special skill? Let us know via email (info@badrulegames.com) or our contact form, this way we can add your question to this frequently asked questions and at the same time improve our rulebook.

Yes there is! the Rules for the Bot mode can be downloaded here

When driving a championship or driving the team mode we would advise you to use the fastest lap card. This might make a difference in the end score. For single races in regular mode it’s a little gimmick, where you can decide to use it or not. For those single races in regular mode the fastest lap will not change the outcome of the race but could give a person some sort of small victory/honour for winning the fastest lap.

There is no limit to the number of cars in one lap. Although you might have to stack the cars, it is allowed to have all 8 cars in one lap. In theory, this might happen in the beginning of the race. However, we never have never seen more than 4 cars in one lap.

Yes! Race Pace can be played in a Driver Academy mode: a family friendly game mode that allows everyone from 9 years and older to experience Race Pace. The game is basically the same, but there is one major difference: you play without Race Situation I and II cards. This allows players to only count their base RP (1), the RP from their tyres and the RP from the PU, AER and SKI. The Driver XP is no longer relevant in the Driver Academy Mode.

The standard game is for 12 years and older, as well as the Team Play mode and the Bottas Modus (single player or addition of Bots).

In our very first version of the game the weather and situation cards were actually turned after selecting actions. During play testing we had people having so much bad luck that they were stuck on the start grid for a couple of rounds due to the effect of the cards. Like a real F1 race it is actually more fun if the field is closely together making it a race packed with action on track. To have a better balance and minimize the luck factor we decided to change the order into:
1. Turn the cards
2. each player chooses an action (start player goes first than rotate clockwise)
3. perform action and drive in order of the leader board (don’t forget to update the tyre degradation)
But of course you are free to experiment and use the original rule 😉

If a rain card is drawn all weather tokens are removed and you place the weather tokens according to the icons shown on the card (this is the reason the rain card shows tokens and the sun card does not). The Rules mentions the below:

After each game round, the first Weather Token is removed and the last three shift to the left. After turning the Weather Card for the next game round, a Sun Token is added if a Sun Card is drawn. If a new Rain Card is drawn, the Rain Card will supersede the current weather conditions: the Weather Tokens are adjusted to the last Rain Card.”

This also means that in a scenario where you would draw 2 rain cards in a row, you would still have to remove all weather tokens of the previous rain card and would adjust the tokens to match the icons on the newly drawn rain card. Only when a sun card is drawn you remove the leftmost weather token and add a sun at the end.

For Race Situation 1 cards the below applies
Engine level and Aerodynamics level
– if your current level is 100% and this card is drawn you will lose 5% this remains permanent until you choose an action to upgrade this to 100% again
– if your current level is 80 or 85% you will gain a temporary bonus which only applies this game round. (the card also mentions this as “this round bonus RP +1”)

Mechanics level:
– if your current level is 100% and this card is drawn you will lose 5% this remains permanent until you choose an action to upgrade this to 100% again
– if your current level is 80 or 85% you can take a free pit stop this game round but only when you select the Box Box action

Tyre Degradation:
– movement of the Soft and Medium box box tokens is permanent until another Tyre Degradation card is drawn, altering the position once again.

The cards are drawn at the start of the round, the effect is applied during the count of your movement which is after the action is selected and applied.

Your Engine level at the start of the round is 85% and the Engine level situation card is drawn. If you select the action Engine upgrade you are upgrading your engine to 90%, after this upgrade the card effect comes into play which effectively this means you will miss out on the card bonus. You will have 2 choices:
1. go for a permanent upgrade and miss out on the one time bonus RP
2. select a different action/upgrade and take the one time bonus RP this round and perhaps upgrade the engine in the next round.

The Safety Car Situation card shows 3 blocks of information: one with an icon of 3 cars in one race lap, one with an icon of 2 cars in a race lap and one with one car in a race lap.

  • The top and bottom parts are easy: the safety car situation occurs if there are currently 3 cars in one race lap, or no safety car situation occurs if all cars are in a separate race lap.
  • However, in case there are 2 race cars in one race lap, there is a chance that a safety car situation might or might not occur. That depends on the XP of the drivers that are in the same race lap. If at least one of them have an XP of level IV or V, no safety car situation occurs. The driver(s) in this race lap with and XP of level IV or V even gets a +1RP this game round. However, if both drivers have an XP of III or lower, a safety car situation occurs.

With Race Situation Card “Communication error” you can get a free pitstop if the MEC level is B or lower. However, you can only change tyres if you select the Box Box action. So if you want to profit from a free pitstop in this game round, you have to select the Box Box action.

Some situation cards give you negative effects on certain action buttons, except when your driver has an experience level of 100%. The reason for these cards is to eliminate one action for players to select, because seldom someone has a 100% experienced driver. Less choice can make the game a bit more challenging.

The bonus or minus 1RP in situation cards II are based on experience and are are only applicable in that game round.

If you select an action and your counted RP exceeds the point limit of your tyres you will lose some of the speed as you cannot exceed the limit of your tires.
Example: your tyre marker is currently on field 18 and the box box marker is on field 21. Your actual counted speed is 5. You will only be able to drive 3 RP in this scenario landing your tyre marker on the box box marker. Next round you have no other option then to make a pit stop (or take a sneaky charge EBS as this prevents further tyre wear 😉

There are three main differences between the medium and the hard tyre:

  1. Movement during rain: you can still drive on Hard tyres when its raining, on Mediums you cannot move during rain.
  2. The tyre life of the Medium tyre is in general shorter compared to to the Hard tyre.
    • Hard: tyre will always last 37 laps, the tyre life cannot be influenced by cards
    • Medium: tyre life will vary depending on the circuit you are driving. On top of that the tyre life can be influences by Race Situation Cards extending the life or shortening it.
  3. As indicated by the light indicators for each of the actions on the game board the “use EBS” and the “Defend” action are not available for Hard (and Wet) tyre type but are available for Medium tyres.

In general if multiple players have crossed the finish line, the player who crossed the finish line the furthest is the winner. If multiple drivers end up in the same square, there are 2 options:
1. If EBS was used by one of these drivers in the same square: the one using EBS wins
2. If neither of the drivers or if all of the drivers in the square have used EBS: the driver who got there first wins

If a car ends on top of the goal/finish token that driver saw the checkered flag and crossed the finish line 🏁🍾

You can play a campaign by driving a complete championship of 12 races (or a selection of your choice). At the start of every race, you will loose all your upgrades and start on the base positions. What you do take with you to the next race is:
• The starting position: the number one in the championship starts last, the lowest ranked player starts first.
• The race points scored in the previous race (finishing position and fastest lap points).

Points per finishing positions are:
1 = 25 points
2 = 18 points
3 = 15 points
4 = 12 points
5 = 10 points
6 = 6 points
7 = 2 points
8 = 0 points