Andromeda Escape

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Game status – Prototype

Andromeda Escape

In a distant corner of space, a catastrophic supernova is about to occur, bringing an end to all life in the galaxy.

For the survival of mankind, you embark on a daring and unknown journey with your fleet of spaceships. Your destination: a mysterious wormhole to another dimension in the heart of the Andromeda, through which your people hope to escape from the impending doom.

You are not alone. From all corners of the galaxy, spaceships gather in front of the wormhole. But only one can pass through at a time. Synchronously to the charging of the warp drive, your heart rate increases … Will you save your people in time?

Tactical and Thrilling

Andromeda Escape combines a minimum of rules with a maximum of tactics, excitement and fun.
The game board consists of three interstellar fly zones connected to the center of the Andromeda. Here lies the mysterious wormhole, providing a portal to another dimension.

Players block each other and position themselves to fly through the wormhole at the right moment. Meanwhile, cards can be earned to thwart others or to help yourself, and missions can be accomplished to gather extra points.

Navigate your fleet through the wormhole as quickly as possible, earning Victory Points (VP) along the way. The winner is the player with the most VP at the end of the game.

Snacks? What snacks?!

People tend to be so focused on the game and their next move the snacks on your table will most likely remain untouched.

Eco friendly game

FSC-certified raw materials for the box, cards, boards and rule book.
FSC-certified wooden components.
Packaging with biodegradable cellophane and heat-shrink film.

Fall 2024

We have thoroughly tested the game on many board game conventions. The designs are finalized and the production order has been given to the manufacturer, which means you can enjoy the game in Q4 2024.