Zapp’em! – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have doubts or questions on the gameplay a specific rule or special skill? Let us know via email (, this way we can add your question to this frequently asked questions and at the same time improve our rulebook.

When playing Battle Royal (all vs all) every player can hold:

  • 1 Defense card
  • 1 Attack card

A shield is used immediately when you are hit. A heart can only be used as an action during your own turn. So you have to wait until it is your turn, until you can play the heart.

You could consider the heart as a health elixer, you will only gain health after `drinking´ the elixer.

The shield saves you from all zapp’s, so it also protects you against the EMP.

In the semi-cooperative mode (all against the villain), the Astronauts can decide their turn order on their own. They can discuss which locations they have, who goes first, etcetera. This could be beneficial if someone has the Commander and needs an item that another Astronaut can reach (because the Commander can re-distribute 1 item per turn). In addition good communication could prevent:

  • friendly fire and causing damage to your fellow astronauts when using an EMP against the villain
  • trying to pick up the same item (only the first one gets it)