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Bad Rule Games are board and card game developers Paul and Caroline from Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. We have always enjoyed playing boardgames. Although social media is becoming a significant part of our lives, board games provide a real connection with friends and family. Especially during the lock-down measures from the corona-pandemic, we realized how important it is to see, meet and have fun with each other in the offline world. We believe that bringing people together around the table to play board games brings joy and creates stronger friendships.

The journey of Bad Rule Games began in the end of 2019. Not only are we board game enthusiasts, but we are also long-time Formula 1 fans. We noticed that there wasn’t a single board game that truly does justice to that sport. So, we decided to develop a board game with a Formula 1 theme that covers the most important aspects of a F1 race such as tyre strategy, weather conditions, coping with race situations and improving your car setup. Also, the game should not be too complicated and the luck factor should be almost absent. That game became Race Pace.

The development of this game took almost 3 years. In that period, several versions were made starting with cardboard handicraft, followed by demo versions that we created on The Game Crafter. Things sped up when we met the first manufacturer, who gave us advice and helped us in game conventions.

Eventually Race Pace was published in October 2022, but it wasn’t actually our first game. In March 2022 a news article about a fight at a resort over sunbeds at a pool inspired us for the game Sunbed Rush. Sunbed Rush is a quirky, short card game where you score points for reserving the most sunbeds at the best pools. It’s a card game where you mostly win by playing a sly and sneaky strategy. The game was released in May 2022.

We have received many positive reactions since the publication of our games. Most of our time went to providing demo’s about our games on game conventions, but we are not yet done with developing new games. In the fall of 2023 the suspenseful card game Zapp’em! was launched. Zapp’em! is a semi-cooperate, interactive game where you team up as astronauts to hunt down a sinister alien villain.

In January 2022 Bad Rule Games was registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Our games are produced by a well-known manufacturer in Europe and are primarily available on www.badrulegames.com or on game conventions. Outside of Europe, our games are available at The Game Crafter in the USA, who produces our games as a one-off upon ordering and ship worldwide.

We hope you enjoy our games and would love to hear your feedback on our games! Reach out to us and let us know your thoughts.

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Bad Rule Games
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Chamber of Commerce registration 85371912
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