Sunbed Rush – Downloads & FAQ

Advice for a 2-3 player game: remove PoolBoy nr 5 and 6, card numbers 57 untill 72 and 89 untill 96 from the deck to get a more balanced game. Our next version will include icons on the card.

Advies voor een spel met 2-3 spelers: haal Badmeester nrs 5 en 6, kaartnummers 57 t/m 72 en 89 t/m 96 uit het spel zodat het spel meer in balans is. In onze volgende versie zal dit met icoontjes op de kaarten worden aangegeven.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have doubts or questions on the gameplay a specific rule or special skill? Let us know via email (, this way we can add your question to this frequently asked questions and at the same time improve our rulebook.

Should I play this card straight upon receipt?
Yes, as soon as you receive a Pool Boy card this card should be played immediately. It is not allowed to add this card to your hand.

When I play the Pool Boy card, which towels will be removed?
The player holding the Pool Boy card, can select one pool which the Pool Boy will visit. At this pool all unattended towels (towels without a guest and/or an item on top of it) will be removed regardless which player owns the towel. So make sure to remove as many towels of other players as possible 😉

What happens with the Pool Boy card after I have played it?
Once the Pool Boy has made his round and removed all unattended towels (towels without a guest and/or an item on top of it) this card will go to the discard pile together with the removed towels.

What happens to the toddler when the family member accompanying the toddler leaves the pool?
When the accompanying family member leaves the pool for an event / is annoyed by the teenager / lured away by Dad, you first need to check if you still have a family member at the same pool as the toddler. If not, you are allowed (but not obliged) to move the toddler to another pool as long as:
1. you already have a family member at that pool AND
2. you have a towel available / there is space available to move the toddler together with the towel (and item).
In any case make sure the number of available sunbeds is not exceeded! If there is no family member available to accompany the toddler / there is no available space, the toddler leaves the pool (goes to the discard pile) but leaves the towel (and item if any).

When I play an event which guest will leave?
The event cards have lower numbers than the guest cards. This means that events will be played before new guests (if any) will take a seat at a pool. This means that the event card you play will only affect the guests who are already on a towel at the pool. Guest cards which are open in front of a player as part of their selected cards for this game round will NOT be affected by the event.

What happens with the event card after I have played it?
Once the event took place and all guests related to that particular event have left the pools (you played the card), the event card will go to the discard pile together with the guests. In the event that there are no guests related to your event, only the event card itself will go to the discard pile.