Over the years we have played many board and card games and the list of the games that we've played is long. Playing all those games inspired us to start making our own games. We develop our own ideas into real board and card games. You can find our games in our own webshop, at www.thegamecrafter.com (USA) and at www.uniekbordspel.nl (EU) We hope you enjoy our games!

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Race Pace - board game

You are the Team Manager of a race team, your goal is to lead the team to victory. From your computer screens at the pit wall, you keep track of the competition, tyre conditions, weather conditions and other events on the race track. Do you have the best strategy to win the game?

Race Pace is the redesign of Formula Team Manager.

Sunbed Rush - card game

Claim your sunbeds at the pool. In real life this is not so cool, but in Sunbed Rush it is the only rule!

The infamous early morning Sunbed Rush, who doesn't recognize it from a holiday. In Sunbed Rush there is no escape and the only way to win. Keep your towels ready and secure the best spots to win the game!