An excellent corporate gift to your employees

Flex Office is a fun family friendly game about the challenges of hybrid working. Players manage a team of co-workers and try to optimize the team spirit by balancing working from home versus getting the best located office desks for your team during a workday. Office space is limited, so you compete with other players to secure the best spots and gain team morale.

Flex Office is filled with recognizable office situations and will bring a smile on the faces of your colleagues.

Together with our partner Uniek Bordspel BV we offer Flex Office as a corporate gift as of 150 units. Contact us for more information about the game and/or a quotation by sending an email to


Welcome at Flex Office

At Flex Office, employees are offered hybrid work options: work from home or in the office. You are the team leader of a number of enthusiastic colleagues. The available workplaces at the office are limited though. For the best team morale you will provide your co-workers with the best workplaces.

Unique employee gift

On an eight-hour workday, colleagues are seated at a desk or are called away for useless meetings every hour. They may lose motivation because of this, or because of that irritating colleague, or because of bureaucracy, or other typical office events. Or, conversely, they get energy from team spirit, your leadership or a great assignment. Who has the most motivated team at the end of the working day?


Customize Flex Office to your organization by adding your company logo and colours to the game.