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Race Pace

Find your optimal Race Pace! A fast-paced strategic race game

Race Pace is the new name of our redesigned boardgame Formula Team Manager. Besides a redesign and the name change multiple rules will be updated and improved reducing the luck factor and increasing the need for the right strategy.

From your radio control center at the pit wall, you keep track of the competition and weather conditions on the monitor screens. You give the orders to your driver: select the tyres for your driver, change the car mode, instruct the driver to enter the pit or to stay out, to use the Boost system, etcetera. With each lap your car and driver will improve the balance, increasing the race pace. But so does the competition. Do you have the best strategy to win the race?

Race Pace will become available around the summer trough the Game Crafter and in the EU through a Dutch stay tuned!

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Type of game: Strategy board game

Release date: completed redesign expected Summer 2022