Formula Team Manager

Formula Team Manager is the first edition or our strategic board game Race Pace. This game was what started Bad Rule Games in the first place. To give you an idea of the progress we have made and the design changes this game has undergone we decided to keep this page in the air.

In Formula Team Manager you play the Team Manager of a race team in the most exciting racing class. As a Team Manager, it is your goal to lead the team to victory.

From your radio control center at the pit wall, you keep track of the competition and weather conditions on the computer monitors. You give the orders to your driver: select the tyres for your driver, change the car mode, instruct the driver to enter the pit or to stay out, to start pushing, to defend, etcetera. With each lap your driver will gain experience, increases his skill and goes faster. But so does the competition. Do you have the best strategy to win the race?

No race is the same: you can select from 6 teams, 7 drivers and 10 circuits. You have 4 different tyre compounds to choose from. Weather conditions will vary due to the built-in weather forecast, sometimes unexpectedly. All these features make the game a fun and challenging experience.

Each team, each driver, each circuit and each tyre compound have their own characteristics. In addition, all drivers have a unique special skill, making it interesting to play the game again, with a different driver.

With 10 different circuits you can play a race championship season with your friends.

Type of game: Strategy board game

Release date: July 2021 --> evolved into Race Pace August 2022

Game components